Saltwater Fishing's Good With CMC-ST8 Mono

Mark Schindel

As a professional saltwater fishing guide, back in the day I earned my living putting customers on fish. I had to have confidence that my equipment — including my line — would perform. When fishing for snook around the docks and in the mangroves, I had the additional concern of the line rubbing against pilings and roots covered with barnacles. When chasing 100-pound-plus tarpon along the beach and pulling the hooked fish out of the school, rubbing against other fish was always a worry … there’s nothing like feeling another fish tail whacking your line.

My two main wants for Cortland’s new monofilament line:

1. It had to have good abrasion resistance.

2. It had to have good “knotability,” i.e., it had to hold a properly tied knot.

Other points included memory and twisting. Some lines remind you of a spring when they come off the reel — boing — and go back to a semicoiled position. CMC-ST8 meets all of the demands today’s monofilament lines must face. Fabricated from high-grade resins, it is tough, has good abrasion resistance and a properly tied knot seats itself well and holds. Giving command of the situation back to the angler. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to put this line in the hands of my best customer to cast deep into the mangroves or under a dock to reach a snook.

Cortland’s Command SeriesTM of lines and leaders were designed for the professional and serious angler whose fishing regions demand top-quality products. Our goal is to put you in command.