Cortland Nymphing Products

Joe Goodspeed

Precise nymphing techniques, already standard on the European fly fishing scene, are rapidly increasing in popularity here in the United States. The international competitive fly fishing scene drives innovation and product development with the most successful methods inevitably spilling over into mainstream fly fishing culture. For example, over the last few years 10-foot-plus nymphing-specific fly rods and jig-style nymph hooks used by competitive pros have been discovered and adopted “normal” fly anglers across the U.S.

Cortland Line was the first fly line manufacturer to develop a fly line specifically tapered and designed to serve as a replacement to the long-tapered monofilament leaders popular for many European style nymphing techniques (Competition Nymph 2012). In 2015, Cortland Line continues to be a leader in nymphing products with three unique product offerings — mono core Competition NymphTM line, Competition Nymph rod lineup and opaque indicator monofilaments.

The mono core Competition Nymph line is a continued development of Cortland’s original Competition Nymph offering. By using a thin-diameter, stiff monofilament core, we’ve created a nymphing line that transfers more energy outside the rod tip while maintaining less mass than any other product available today. Compared to limper braided-core line products, the mono core line has less sag between guides and hangs outside the rod tip without dragging the nymphs back toward the angler — two significant performance factors on the water. The minimal sag between guides greatly improves the angler’s “feel” for the flies and for quick bites. New for 2015: 0 wt. and 1 wt. mono core Competition Nymph lines, in heron blue color.

Cortland’s Competition Nymph rod series has been one of our hottest sellers in 2014, and all five four-piece rods will continue to be available for 2015 in 9’6’’ 2 wt., 10’ 3 wt., 10’ 4 wt., 10’6’’ 3 wt., and 10’6’’ 4 wt. These rods have quick-dampening matte-finish blanks, resulting in precise accuracy and superb strike transmission. All Competition Nymph rods feature matte-black single-foot guides with premium quality cork handles and a compact fighting butt.

Cortland also offers a lineup of opaque indicator mono, intended to help you build visible leaders that help your strike detection. In 2015, opaque indicator mono will be available in three color options — bicolor (red/yellow alternating), super yellow and opaque white — each available in three sizes (.011 inch, .012 inch, .013 inch). When you’re after spooky fish in clear water, try the opaque white color — a Cortland Line exclusive product!