HTx: Cortland’s New Heat-tempered Line Surface

Joe Goodspeed

Our high-performance HTx surface results from a multistage application process. First, we infuse the line coating with a special bonding agent and add a high-viscosity layer of our secret ingredient (the "x") to the line’s surface to fill all nanoscale surface imperfections. Finally, a controlled, high-temperature flash-heat application cures and permanently seals the line with a glass-smooth texture.

The HTx surface results in a one-of-a-kind slick finish with an extremely low coefficient of friction for shooting long casts and minimal surface disturbance during line pickup. HTx surface also repels dirt and debris, so your line stays clean and maintains exceptional performance over time.

Cortland in 2015 will be offering three new lines with the HTx line surface — Trout BossTM HTx, Blitz and Deep Salt.

Trout Boss HTx is Cortland’s premium trout line, now with all the performance benefits of our proprietary HTx surface. Also, we’ve redesigned the taper with a shorter head to maximize performance in a wide range of trout fishing conditions and added a handling section behind the head to assist in carrying line on long casts or throwing mends. A low-diameter performance core allows a smaller outside diameter than competing lines in the same weight — resulting in improved line speed and loop control. A visible chartreuse head makes tracking your cast easy, while a distinct color change to ivory at the handling line helps you see where the head begins.

Look for info about the Blitz and Deep Salt later this week when we review Cortland’s new Coldwater Plus lines series.