At Cortland, we fish. In fact, the best product improvements can come from anyone in the company (often discovered while walking along a river, rather than staring at a drafting table). Rest assured, then, your Cortland line has not only been fabricated by craftsmen with years of experience, it’s also been studied, tested and proven by members of our Pro Staff and select guides. 

Leadership & Sales

Cortland’s new leadership is new to neither business nor fishing. The senior team understands what is required to build (or rebuild) a business with a strong reputation: a keen eye on cost control, an emphasis on quality, and most of all, customer service. 

John Wilson

Brooks Robinson
Manager, Public Relations and Social Media

Michael Poli
Manager, General Operations


Research & Development

To call this aspect of our business vital is an understatement. Newly introduced products drive more than a third of sales. And OUR objective is to be recognized as the preeminent global provider of innovative, high-performance terminal tackle. So, we adhere to the credo “Listen, Learn, Innovate!” We are focused on addressing every niche casting need, and developing new lines to meet the ever-changing performance profiles of today’s and tomorrow’s rods.

Steven Toddes
Vice President, Engineering